Zambia on track for debt restructuring next quarter finance minister

Screen for heightened risk individual and entities globally to help uncover hidden risks in business relationships and human networks. Browse 債務舒緩 of real-time and historical market data and insights from worldwide sources and experts. Ghana, which secured a $3 billion staff-level agreement with the International Monetary Fund in mid-December, has been hesitating on this request due to the long delays faced by other countries using the process. The request came as part of a virtual presentation by Ghana’s finance ministry hosted under the auspices of the group of creditor nations known as the Paris Club, the source added. LONDON/ACCRA, Jan Ghana requested on Tuesday to restructure its bilateral debt under the common framework platform supported by the Group of 20 major economies, a source familiar with the situation told Reuters. A mistrust of politicians is representative of the postwar spirit in Europe where democracy, wealth, and prosperity have been used as being synonymous—which they are not.

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A nation seeking to restructure its debt might move the debt from the private sector to public sector institutions. Carol M. Kopp edits features on a wide range of subjects for Investopedia, including investing, personal finance, retirement planning, taxes, business management, and career development. Zambia’s government said in October it needs a present value debt reduction by 2027 of $6.3 billion, or 49% of the debt being restructured, to meet IMF targets, a level some international bondholders have previously said would be unacceptable.

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The West African country was pushing bilateral creditors to form a committee as soon as possible, aiming for an “expedited treatment”, said a second source, who asked not to be named because the talks are private. Leiner indicated that it plans to explore debt restructuring and a sale of the company, and will continue normal operations while doing so. Whether you’re looking for credit card debt restructuring or loan restructuring on an installment loan, the restructuring can take different forms. Clearing-up of chaebols’ redundant investment was handed over to market forces on July 26, 1998. However, government-initiated ‘big deal’ was followed by ‘big trouble’ such as bankruptcy of Hyundai Electronics which acquired LG Semiconductor.

Historically, debt restructuring has been the province of large corporations with financial wherewithal. In the Great Recession that began with the financial crisis of 2007–08, a component of debt restructuring called debt mediation emerged for small businesses (with revenues under $5 million). Like debt restructuring, debt mediation is a business-to-business activity and should not be considered the same as individual debt reduction involving credit cards, unpaid taxes, and defaulted mortgages. The debt restructuring process can reduce the interest rates on loans or extend the due dates for paying them back. A company can restructure commercial debt similar to how an individual would restructure consumer debt. The first step is to contact your creditors or lenders, explain your situation, and see if they can offer help.

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But chaebols’ practice of investing in size without regard to profitability not only failed to promote economic growth but harmed economic soundness through stockpiles of excess inventory and problems in recovering invested funds. If the firm is doing very well, and lenders feel that the return on investment will likely be better with equity positions, this becomes an attractive option for debt holders. It is deemed beneficial to let the company continue to operate as a going concern and allow the creditors to be involved in its operations. This can mean that the original shareholder base will have a significantly diluted or diminished stake in the company.

The company was turned over to its creditors in 2010 following a debt restructuring agreement. As broader discussions around the gaps in the international debt architecture continue, and more countries seek restructuring or relief, the international community is under serious pressure to quickly shore up large-scale debt relief mechanisms. To be successful, future initiatives must take recent developments into account, and balance ambition with a consciousness of the new challenges facing an already-intricate process. After a period of strong growth for Mexico, the oil shock of 1979 ushered in a global recession that hit the country hard, leading to a decline in non-oil exports and rapid devaluation of the peso. These factors made the country’s already-large external debt more expensive to service. By 1982, with the country’s debt service far greater than its monthly foreign exchange income, Mexico was on the verge of default.

Ghana’s debt restructuring under the common framework aims to include non-Paris club members, such as China in debt relief talks. China is Ghana’s biggest bilateral creditor with $1.7 billion of debt, while the country owes $1.9 billion to Paris club members, according to data from the International Institute of Finance . EY Financial Consulting professionals provide out-of-court financial restructuring services to companies, creditors, investors and other stakeholders globally to preserve and help optimize value.

A standstill agreement is a contract that contains provisions that govern a bidder of a company.

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