What to DO RIGHT NOW If You’re in This Horrible Spot in Your Marriage: My Wife Can’t Stand Me!



Are you married and do you occasionally have the sickening feeling that your wife detests you? It’s awful to feel like this. I am aware of this because I recently experienced a similar feeling. However, I was able to solve it and I am confident that you can too. You can say i hate my wife, if your wife is not cooperating with you.

What You Must Do Right Now If You Say My Wife Can’t Stand Me


When a husband starts to think that his wife can’t stand them or doesn’t love them anymore, one of the things that happens much too frequently is terror. In addition to this worry, they frequently act in an utterly incorrect manner. You see, when you think something like this or even when your wife tells you that she despises you, that being around you makes her ill, or any of the other horrible things a wife can say to hurt your feelings in a fit of rage or during a period of indifference…you suddenly feel the need to try and change her mind.

You’ll accomplish it by attempting to reason with her. You’ll confess your love to her. You’ll let her know how painful hearing that is for you. She will receive a list of all the wonderful things you do for her. You might also choose to become angry, which is something I’ve done in the past.

You’ll become enraged because you think you’ve been wronged. Therefore, you’ll start to scream and shout, maybe even call her names, and express your hatred for her. You’ll admit to her that you share her dislike. Blah, blah, blah…a lot of things that you’ll regret afterwards!

When your wife can’t stand you, or at least claims she can’t, it all depends on how you respond


The truth is that if your wife doesn’t like you anymore, it’s most likely just because she’s become bored with you. I don’t mean by your appearance. You’re fine if you’ve gained a little weight. Due to that, refrain from joining a gym. But it’s always a good idea to go to the gym and look for yourself. What I’m trying to say is that your wife is no longer drawn to you as a man. She doesn’t find the man you’ve evolved into attractive.

If you were ever an alpha man to begin with, you’ve probably become more of a beta guy that your wife unintentionally created out of you while attempting to satisfy her. By doing this, you eliminate the element of carnal attraction that not only irritates your wife but also ladies elsewhere. Their DNA has a strong impression of this. They are trying to find a man who can lead. a man who is aware of who he is and who, in reality, DON’T NEED her. Sounds absurd, huh?

It undoubtedly contradicts everything you’ve learnt from your mother, the media, books, magazines, and, of course, your wife. But the real evidence is in your wife’s response when you start acting like the dominant male she has always craved. You won’t again have to say, “My wife can’t stand me,” again after that. If your wife is not standing with you, you will think i hate my wife.

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