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Examples of products in this group are Swrve, Apsalar, TUNE Marketing Console, Adjust, AppsFlyer, and Kochata. Mobile app marketing products tend to have stronger testing and measurement features, which overlap with the mobile analytics category. Products that enable users to market their mobile apps, commonly called mobile app marketing. Before you get started, set up a marketing plan to help you use your mobile marketing solutions more efficiently. Start small and build your campaigns over time, and you’ll soon reap the benefits of mobile marketing. Mozeo is another text-message marketing platform that provides analytics and an easy-to-use integrated dashboard for managing and viewing marketing campaigns.

Examples of Mobile Marketing

Like some other services, Leanplum manages SMS, push notifications, email messaging and location-based advertising. It supports an omnichannel experience and can track a customer’s behavior across multiple platforms. Although email marketing is not exclusive to mobile marketing, it’s important to optimize your email marketing strategy for mobile users’ behavior.

You can scale Vibes to fit your business’s mobile marketing needs, regardless of your company’s size. If you have a business mobile app, Vibes will integrate with it so you can quickly implement features such as push or wallet notifications. When a user opts in , you can use a mix of email marketing and mobile-specific channels to deploy your onboarding sequence.


If so, location-based marketing is the best mobile marketing solution for you. It is designed for B2C markets and supports all types of marketing campaigns across all messaging channels . However, what sets this service apart is its ability to promote continual app engagement. Leanplum helps businesses connect their messaging across multiple channels and manage engagement. You can also A/B test campaign variations in Leanplum to determine the best way to engage with customers. The service encourages relationship building through customer interactions on multiple channels.

Proximity systems and location-based services can alert users based on geographic location or proximity to a service provider. Key Person Ofer Eitan- CEO Ofer was the Co-Founder and CEO of Moblin, a world pioneer in mobile marketing & advertising technologies, and joined Zoomd as its CEO following the merger between…. Yodel Mobile is the leading global app marketing consultancy and Mobile Agency of the Year 2019, specialising in launching and scaling apps.

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And this is where an omnichannel strategy can help to define the bigger picture and tie those strands together. Unlike advertising, app store 廣告 s driven by the customer experience and based on driving omnichannel experiences that meet customers where they are and in ways they want to be met. I love sharing his experience to assist business owners in growing their firms.

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